If you could create your own god/goddess, which attributes would you give it? Would he or she match your personality and abilities, or would they possess traits which superseded your own? Would this deity be limited by things like weather conditions, traffic congestion, national catastrophes, financial instability, and personality conflicts; or would they wield the power to deliver you from your own limitations (e.g. – controlling rainfall, minimizing the amount of pain you have to endure, zapping the vehicles which stand in your way en route to work, or causing the money you need to grow on a tree in your backyard)?

In most cases, our personal gods would be no more than genies, beckoning to our every wish and command. This picture is not a far departure from the deities revered by world religions. The only difference is that the world’s organized religions teach that one must first earn the favor of their respective gods before he can receive anything in return. This makes God (or properly, “god”) a selfish, unknowable, unloving being who neither desires nor pursues a relationship with his followers.

Not so with Christianity. The God of the Bible is generous, He encourages us to know Him, and He demonstrates love toward us because He desires to have a personal relationship with us. His absolute holiness and righteousness, balanced with His lovingkindness and tender mercy, elevate Him far above any deity our mortal minds could ever conceive.

The God who loves you cares about everything you do today. He knows you need wisdom to work on your office project, joy as you relate to different people, and peace when your best-laid plans go awry. He is the only One who can provide them. Doesn’t it make sense to build a relationship with Him?

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.