“Do you have any air conditioning jobs today, John?” asked his co-worker.
“Yes. In fact, I have the hottest a/c job ever. My client promised me so much money I’ll never have to work again!”

“Who’s your client?”

“Satan. He said he wants a few air conditioners installed in Hell. Then he wants me to spread the news—that way more people won’t mind going there.”

Although Satan would never have a real air conditioning unit installed in Hell, he would love for the unsaved to think Hell’s heat is less intense than God’s Word portrays it. You might be surprised how many people are trying to do the “a/c job” for him.

Some churches teach Hell is only temporary. By spreading this error, they are figuratively installing their own a/c units to cool down Hell’s flames.

Why are they teaching this? Because it is not politically correct to tell people they are bound for an eternal Hell if they do not accept Christ. After all, “it may offend some people.”

God’s Word clearly states those who do not accept Christ are doomed to everlasting contempt.

Friend, are you more worried about being politically correct than you are about saving souls? Don’t install a/c to be PC. Instead, spread the truth of the gospel—save someone from the flames rather than cooling them down.

It’s not what you think, it’s what the Bible says. Author Unknown

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder