Have you ever prayed for something for so long that you forgot about it? Even if you have forgotten the request you made years ago, God has not. Zacharias was busy performing his customary priestly duties in the temple one day when an angel interrupted his offering. God had sent the angel, Gabriel, to tell Zacharias that He had heard his prayer for a son.

As Gabriel expressed the virtues and mission of the child which would be born to Zacharias and Elisabeth, I’m sure Zacharias’ mouth must have dropped. He couldn’t believe his ears. But then he began to think about his physical limitations: He was old. His wife was “well stricken” in years. This led him to conclude it couldn’t be done, even though he had heard an angel deliver the message from God Himself. Because of Zacharias’ doubt of the Word of God, he lost the use of his voice for the nine months in which his wife carried their son to term.

When God is ready, He will come through with an answer to our prayers. He hears us when we pray — the first time. He may not answer in the way or at the time we desire, but He always answers. May we never hinder the work He intends to perform in our lives by our unbelief. Instead, let us ever be watching and expectantly waiting for the end we desire from God.

What do you want from God today? . . . This week? . . . This month? . . . This year? Be specific and let your requests be made known to Him — and don’t forget what you have asked. Maybe you have been praying for God to provide a car, a child, or a health need. You could be praying for the salvation of a loved one. The years have come and gone, but you have not experienced a breakthrough. You are on the verge of giving up and conceding your situation will never change. Keep watching and waiting. God has not forgotten you. When you least expect it, He will answer your petitions.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.