There I was, staring a six-day wait in the face, along with the possibility of missing out on the one event which motivated my trip in the first place. Was this a good time to pray? Absolutely. En route to India, I had discovered my visa would need to be replaced because of incorrect information. Consequently, I had returned to Paris, my connecting city, to apply for a new visa. Then I learned it would take an American citizen a minimum of six business days to obtain an Indian visa in France. Great. That was just what I needed to hear.

I asked for a miracle, and God delivered. The visa arrived in five days, and it was approved that Friday by an official at the Indian Consulate. I had to race against the clock to pick up my luggage, return to the airport, buy a ticket, go through security, and get on the plane. I boarded literally moments before takeoff. Was I ever relieved.

Two flights and 15 hours later, I had reached my destination. The graduation ceremony had just begun when I arrived. God had come through in impeccable timing.

God always provides for our needs at the right time. It is not the time our faith or patience runs out. It is not the time when we have exhausted all other resources. It is not a moment sooner than God desires or a moment later than our need requires. The “right time” is the best time (from His point-of-view). This is God’s way, and it is perfect.

You may have some urgent matters for which you need God to provide an answer. You have to find a new job within the coming year; you are trying to sell or purchase a home; you are preparing for a future in ministry, but you lack many details; you wish to determine God’s will regarding a prospective mate. God is keenly aware of your situation. He is not about to forsake you in your critical hour. He will provide exactly what you need — and not a moment too late. Trust His wisdom today.


Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.

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