She must have wondered, why me? Mary was no more than 18 years old, possibly even as young as 13, but God chose her to be the mother of the Messiah. She didn’t know why she had been selected among the tens of thousands of Hebrew girls in Israel. This situation would no-doubt generate unwanted stress for her. The new baby would definitely create complications in her relationship with Joseph, her espoused husband. He could have publicly divorced her so that she would be stoned to death for her “illegitimate” son. Her friends would not be of much comfort, either.

There was much Mary did not understand; but in the midst of her confusion, she chose to believe God and accept His will for her life. We can greatly learn from her example. Sometimes God will bring circumstances into our lives which seem to contradict everything we understand. His plans may push us outside our quiet comfort zones into the noisy arena of reality. At this point, we must make a decision like Mary: will we believe God and accept His will, or will we reject His plans for us because we cannot understand all of the details?

God may have called you to serve as a pastor or ministry leader, but you feel unqualified because of your limitations and shortcomings. You reason, I struggle with some of the most basic issues of everyday life — what makes God think I can handle anything more? Perhaps God has led you to start a business or pursue a new job, but you are fearful because of the variables involved. You may sense God leading you to befriend someone who is ostracized by others, but you are reluctant to help shoulder their reproach. Understanding your circumstances is not a choice you must make. Trusting God is. If you choose this path, then like Mary you need not worry about the backlash caused by pursuing God’s will. You need not fear having a shortage of ability for the task at hand. He will supply everything you need.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.