A world-famous scientist has spoken. It must be true then, right? Not necessarily. Richard Dawkins, the famous atheistic, English scientist, said when a person dies, their brain rots and that is the end of their existence. But there is a problem with Dawkins’ statement. Let me explain with this story.

Many years ago when I lived in Paducah, Kentucky, I was able to participate in a special program for preachers and policemen. The preachers were allowed to ride with the policemen in their patrol cars at night. As I rode with one policeman, I asked him if he ever thought about death, and if he believed in Heaven and Hell.

He said, “I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell, but I do believe (and this bothers me) when you die you’re going to be dead a long time.”

Why would anyone care about how long they are going to be dead? When they died, it wouldn’t matter. If Richard Dawkins’ statement is true, then people like the police officer wouldn’t worry about death. Like animals, we would just cease to exist. The reason why the subject of death has people so worried is because deep down inside they know they will live forever and spend eternity somewhere. The Bible confirms this to be true.

God has spoken. His Word is true. When the world gives its opinion on life, death, and eternity, God is the final Authority. Use the Word of God to attack man’s reasoning at its foundation, and it will crumble to the ground. If you know the truth, then don’t be ashamed of it. God will use it to accomplish His purpose in the hearts of those who hear it. But no one can hear the truth unless someone tells them. That’s our job.


Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder

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