Someone came to me and asked, “Pastor, would I be able to overcome the carnal desires in my life if I went to church seven days a week?”

I told him, “No, you can’t.” My answer was blunt, but true.

Do you ever wonder why you struggle to overcome certain issues? It’s because you’re a member of the human race. We are all born of the flesh and have an old nature. Like the rudder of a ship, it steers our hearts to imagine every conceivable act of wickedness. Because the old nature is inherent to our being, there’s nothing we can do to overcome it.

Jesus gave a list of the sins prevalent in our hearts in Mark 7. These sins will flourish in our lives if we are carnally-minded Christians.

Though we cannot overcome our carnality, Jesus can. If we spend time daily communing with our Savior through prayer and reflection upon His Word, His Spirit will provide the motivation and help we need to overcome this hindrance in our lives. The key is being habitual in our time with Him.

If you’re a Christian, God may have revealed areas of carnality in your life. Perhaps you’re unwilling to submit to His will in a big decision affecting your family, or you are anxious concerning the uncertain future. Don’t be dismayed. Spend more time in communion with Him. Confess your faults and commit your burdens to His care, and He will replace your carnality with spiritual vitality.

No one ever lost out by excessive devotion to Christ. — H.A. Ironside

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.