The measure of spirituality is not in what a man or woman does for Christ, but in the life-changing quality of his or her relationship with Christ. On his deathbed, John Knox was visited by some close friends. One man began to praise John for all the great things he had accomplished to advance the cause of Christ. He had scarcely begun when John interrupted him.

“Stop, stop! I have failed the Lord many times. I have not completed everything that I have wanted to complete.”

John Knox believed the outcome of his service to the Lord was not completely reliant upon his effort, but upon the working of the Spirit of God within him. This is true spirituality.

Spiritual greatness is achieved only through humility. The longer we walk with Christ, the more we realize our dependence upon His Spirit for everything. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, our service is made acceptable to God. As we walk in the Spirit, our character is conformed to the image of Christ. The essence of spiritual humility is confidence in God.

Spirituality is not a plateau, but a valley. It is the place where a Christian draws daily from the Wellspring of Christ, Who gave him life. You may have a rough day of work ahead of you, or you may be struggling to find employment. The challenges you face can be overcome only through the power of God working within you. Learn to lean—humbly acknowledge your dependence upon Him today.

The highest conceivable state of spirituality is produced by a concentration of all the powers and passions of the soul upon the Person of Christ. — C.H. Spurgeon

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.