What is the blessed life? Do you want to experience it? Do you want to see God’s hand of blessing on you? Of course you do. I would venture to say that every person reading this reflection wants to live a blessed life.

Are you living that kind of life? Or do you believe the lie of the world when it says to drink a certain drink and you will be living the “good life”?  Do you believe the lie of Satan when he says to follow him and he will give you worldly wealth and power?

R.A. Torrey said,

“There is wonderful freedom in this life of simply following Jesus. This path is straight and plain. But the path of one who tries to shape his conduct by observing the conduct of others is full of twists and turns and pitfalls. Keep looking at Jesus. Follow on trustingly where He leads.”

Friend, there’s no greater blessing than walking with Jesus. Draw close to Him. Follow Him with your whole heart, keeping your eyes fixed on His dear face. He wants to bless you. You just need to walk close to Him.

Don’t treat God as a lawyer, never calling Him until you are in trouble. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder