The counselors at our High School Spring Lab had never wanted the light of day to break through more than on the night of last year’s camping trip with the students. In the inky darkness of nightfall, every sound was amplified: The whistling wind sounded like voices. The rustling leaves mimicked the sound of approaching footsteps. The crackling flames of the campfire danced eerily and formed strange shadows on the ground. A choir of crickets made themselves heard, accompanied by a full orchestra of insects and bellowing frogs. A solitary owl hooted, and coyotes howled off in the distance. It would have made the bravest of our young woodsmen shake in his boots — if he wasn’t already sound asleep. The task of worrying about uninvited guests at the campground had fallen upon the counselors; and they were unnerved, to say the least.

What had been a long, scary night eventually faded into faint hues of colored light. Pretty shades of blue, red, yellow, and orange painted the sky, and then all knew dayspring had arrived.

Like a sunless horizon, the world was devoid of hope and joy at the time of Christ’s birth. Spiritual darkness, fear, and oppression dominated the landscape. Then Jesus, the Light of the World, the Dayspring from on High, stepped on the scene and forever changed the backdrop. All who trust in His death, shed blood, burial, and resurrection will receive everlasting life.

Without Jesus Christ, there is no forgiveness of sin, no outlet for guilt, and no restoration after failure — a dark, miserable existence indeed. When you put your trust in Christ, the darkness will be penetrated by His peace and joy. If you have not accepted Him as your Savior, do it today.

Let me change the invitation: If you are a Christian and your life is shrouded in the darkness of despair and negativity, then I challenge you to learn to live in the Spirit. There is no darkness where He is present. Spend quality time in your Bible, get involved in your church, and tell others about Him. Before long, your Dayspring will come.


Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.

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