Have you ever wished you were the stereotypical “life of the party” — the conversationalist and the most popular, most well-liked of all your friends? Would it make you feel better if you were accepted by the “in crowd,” the socially elite, the wealthy and famous?

This is the way to feel good — or so the world says. The world insists that climbing the corporate ladder; putting a big-name, university degree on your wall; making a lot of money; having influential friends; receiving awards; and belonging to the right circles is enough to bring one all the happiness he needs in this life.

It sure looks good on the surface, doesn’t it? Well, Christ told the story of a young man who experienced it for himself. After growing tired of life at home, he asked his father for the inheritance promised to him. It was a great sum of money, enough for him to leave home and travel abroad. Because of his wealth, he let the good times roll, enjoying a party lifestyle with friends in abundance. Then his money ran out. His “friends” left him high and dry. They cared only about his money. He found that the only one who really cared was his father.

As Christians, we can find happiness knowing that our Heavenly Father cares for us unconditionally. He is a Friend in whom we can place our confidence. Who cares? He cares!

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.