A heavy winter storm covered the ground with a thick, white blanket of snow. A young woman left work and walked through the dense snow to her car. As she started the vehicle, she noticed the visibility outside was poor. But she remembered some good advice her father gave her, “Honey, if you are ever in a blinding snowstorm, get behind a plow, and it will lead you safely.”

As if on cue, a plow truck passed by, and the young woman pulled in behind it. Now she drove with confidence and satisfaction, because she had listened to her father’s advice. She thought for sure she would be home before long.

About a half hour later, the woman was still following the plow. The vehicle ahead finally stopped, and the driver walked over, motioning for her to roll the window down. The man told her, “Ma’am, I’m going to have to move on to the next parking lot, so I don’t know if you want to follow me there or not.”

Do you ever feel like you are going in circles in the Christian life? Our lives should be linear. The way to keep in a straight line is to look ahead into the future—a privilege exclusive to Christians, who possess the Bible. An understanding of God’s plans for the future will motivate us to be more committed, more serious, and live with a greater sense of urgency in the present.

Just what are God’s plans for the future? The Bible promises all believers will be caught up to meet Jesus in the clouds at the Rapture. As we await this day, it behooves us to examine ourselves and strive for linear living.

Holiness is not something we are called upon to do in order that we may become something; it is something we are to do because of what we already are. — M. Lloyd-Jones

 Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.