Have you ever made plans and had your hopes shattered by an unforeseen catastrophe? On July 24, 2013, 218 passengers in northwestern Spain boarded a train at 8:42 pm local time. The train never reached its intended destination. More than one-third of the passengers (78) were killed when the train derailed on a curve after traveling at excessive speed. How does one adjust to a setback like this?

Perchance you have made an offer on a new home, thinking it’s just right for your family, only to have the deal fall through at the last moment. Or maybe you’ve set aside money for a special expenditure only to have something else go wrong, creating a more urgent need.

Yes, things will go wrong. Plans and people change. But consider for a moment what your goals are. These will determine your reaction to unfavorable circumstances. If your goals include advancing in this life, padding your nest egg, securing a retirement investment portfolio, or climbing the corporate ladder, then you’re in for trouble. You are but an accident away from panic and frustration.

But if your focus is on eternal life with your Savior, all the little setbacks in your life, all the little problems that seem big now – even the threat of death itself – will pale in comparison to the glory of eternity. Just think, someday you’ll stand face to face with the Savior. You’ll see the nail prints in His hands and feet. You’ll see the riches of Heaven in all of its splendor. Many a friend or a loved one will be there.

Lift your gaze heavenward. There lies a solution for every sorrow, comfort for every crisis, peace for every problem, and hope for every heartache.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.