Like liquid cannonballs, the waves rocked the ship, causing one poor sailor to fall into the troubled waters. Strong winds initially prevented the captain from lowering the lifeboat to initiate a rescue maneuver.

After exhausting all other options, one sailor risked his own life by plunging into the water after his shipmate. When the sailor had reached his struggling counterpart, the captain ordered two experienced sailors to commandeer the lifeboat and bring the men aboard. The sailors fought the wind and waves to pull both men onto their small vessel and safely returned to the ship.

It was nearly an hour before either of the men showed any signs of life. Finally, the man who had been rescued came to his senses and asked what had happened. His shipmates explained how he had been bravely rescued by his comrade. Kneeling beside his savior and grabbing his hand, the sailor pledged, “I will serve you as long as I live.”

The sailor was indebted to his friend because he had risked his life to save him. Every believer is likewise indebted to Jesus Christ because of the sacrifice He made for our sins on the cross. We owe Him our all: life, health, spiritual progress, and our spiritual and material blessings. We should serve Him as long as we live.

Are you serving your Savior today? If you are not, could it be because you have not fully considered the sacrifice He made for you? Meditate upon the love which embraced the cross to spare you from eternal Hellfire. Let it motivate you to serve the Lord as long as you live.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.