There once was a woman who wept. Life’s troubles had become unbearable for her. With nothing else to do about her predicament, she broke down in tears. For days and days this continued, until she had no more power to weep. Friends who visited her house to offer encouragement had to stand because on every chair, the woman had a wet handkerchief drying.

I believe there will be times of tears in the Christian life—even Jesus wept. But the tears of Christians should be different from those the world sheds. A lost person cries, “Woe is me,” for he has no hope. The Christian’s weeping endures but a night, for joy returns in the morning. He has a hope, peace, and joy about him which no circumstance can dampen. This is found in his relationship with Christ.

For this reason, every Christian’s predominant disposition should be one of joy. I’m not suggesting we should walk around with a smile plastered across our faces, because we won’t be able to smile every single moment. Yet when people see us, they ought to be influenced by the joy of salvation pulsating from our hearts.

Throughout this week, we will be taxed with difficulties and laden with burdens. Each of us must choose how we will respond to them. Maybe you need to have a surgical procedure done in the coming weeks. You’ve heard about the risks involved, and are worried about the outcome. Are you hopeful or hopeless? Your face will betray your feelings. Your situation is in God’s hands—rejoice in Him while He leads you through it.

Christ is not only a Remedy for your weariness and trouble, but He will give you an abundance of the contrary, joy and delight. — Jonathan Edwards

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.