Think about what made the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks rise to fame. I’m sure they got their first taste of success by showing up for work as “Monday Morning Quarterbacks”. They carefully studied each game on television, and then they pinpointed exactly why their favorite team won or lost. After figuring out what they would have done to influence the outcome in their favor, they passed their game strategy on to their co-workers at the office. Observant scouts took notice, and big contracts followed.

Of course that’s not the way it works. As you’ve probably figured out, being a “water-cooler coach” doesn’t make anyone qualified to be an NFL quarterback. Without previous experience as a player or coach, we would have no clue what to do in a game situation.

The same is true in the workplace. Employees often get critical of what their boss is doing because they think they could run things better. The problem with employees who have all the answers is they don’t understand the questions. They have no idea what they would do if they were in their boss’ shoes.

The Bible tells us to obey our authorities unless they want us to sin against God. We should serve them as we would Christ. Otherwise, we will never be promoted.

Are you submitting to your boss in a way that pleases God? Do you have a bad attitude as you comply with his or her wishes, or do you obey with a submissive heart? Pray that God would help you be a blessing to your boss next week.

What we must decide is how we are valuable rather than how valuable we are. — Edgar Z. Friedenberg

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder