I think modern education has it all wrong. The public school system teaches children to cram facts and figures into their brains, mainly so they can recall them well enough to pass a test and advance to the next level. While it’s true, advancement from one grade to the next indicates a degree of academic achievement, the real test is using the facts and figures learned in the real world.

God uses a different study method to educate His children. He sets forth principles and spiritual truths, and allows the Christian student to exercise each truth, growing in his understanding of God’s “curriculum”.

When the Christian race presents us with trials and tribulations, our training is put to the test. The only way to prevent discouragement and a defeated mentality is to “buck up”—encourage ourselves in God—and remember the truths God has taught us, for this is when we’ll need them the most. If we succumb to discouragement, we have failed to master the concepts in God’s curriculum.

Each of us faces unique challenges as we run the Christian race. Some of us struggle with fear and anxiety. Others battle bitterness and resentment. How do you respond when you yield to these besetting sins? Do you get discouraged at your failures, or do you resolve to advance boldly ahead? Your response will demonstrate how well you have learned God’s course materials. I pray you will buck up today.

No matter how low you feel, if you count your blessings, you’ll always show a profit. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.