Is the transforming power of Jesus Christ a myth or reality? On a Pacific Island, the king of a tribe of natives became a Christian. His conversion created tension between the  unbelieving natives and the other Christians. The unbelievers hatched a devious plot to destroy the king and all of the Christians on the island, but word of the conspiracy leaked to the king.

When the king’s enemies approached to attack, the king and his men were waiting for them on the beach. Each of the attackers was captured. The captives feared for their lives, for they knew they deserved the severest punishment for their rebellion. They held their breath as the king approached.

The king said, “We forgive you for your crime, and we will release you. Now we ask that you join us for a great feast we have prepared for you.”

Surprised by this strange act of kindness, the captives were speechless. Many of them came to put their trust in Jesus Christ because they had seen the genuinely transforming effect of His love in the lives of their counterparts.

A changed life is one of the most convincing arguments you will ever present for Christianity. Those who knew you before you became a Christian will be watching with greater scrutiny to see if your faith is a passing fad or if it is for real. The truth should come out as you respond to trying circumstances and people. It should be displayed as you show love towards difficult people and gentleness towards people who test your patience. True love is a supernatural response triggered by the supernatural work Christ did within your soul. He is the Catalyst for renewal and restoration.

Do you have relationships which need to be mended? Commit your conflicts to the Lord. Pray that He will love others through you today. Soon all will see the difference He is making in your life.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.