Maybe it was optimistic because of the mild winter we had in 2011. Maybe it had a malfunctioning biological clock. Whatever the case, in late-September 2012, an Easter lily had defied the elements to bloom in our yard, allowing our family to enjoy its beauty. This beautiful flower did not spend hours at the beauty parlor adorning itself. It did not toil or spin an elaborate garment to enhance its appearance — God gave it its glory. The Bible says the greatest of man’s inventions cannot compare to the beauty with which God adorned this delicate plant. When God does a work, He does it well.

If we understood what God can do, we would spend less time sweating and fretting about the intricate details of life. In His goodness He provides for us as we faithfully serve Him. The ultimate beauty of our lives (who we have become and what we have done for Christ) is not the result of our planning, work, or industry — though these things are important — but it is due to God’s perfect work within us. He has equipped us with the skills, setting, and training we need to carry out His purposes. When we respond in obedience to Him, our lives become like beautiful lilies for the world to behold and admire. Only God can get the credit for this work.

Have you been anxious about your appearance before others? Are you worried your life is not elaborate enough to draw the world to your Savior? God will — no, scratch that — God has provided everything you need to blossom. Be faithful in your service to Him, and He will carry out His perfect work in you in time — just remember from whence your glory has come.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.