All that glitters is not golden; likewise all that is good is not expedient. Good food usually comes at a price, especially in today’s economy. However, there are great deals to be found at local casinos. At one time, people could enjoy a casino buffet for as little as $2/person. (Of course, they had to walk past rows and rows of slot machines to reach the food.) Considering the financial situation of most of our Bible college students, why not allow them to take a bus to a local casino and enjoy cheap meals there every day? After all, they would only be going for the food.

Food is food, no matter where you find it or how much you pay for it. Would anything be wrong with our Bible college students eating at the casino buffet? No. They would not be breaking the law. The Bible says nothing against eating at casinos. But the fact there is nothing wrong with it does not mean this would be in the best interests of the students or the college. I am certain you wouldn’t have good thoughts if you saw our bus, labeled “Dayspring Bible College,” sitting in the parking lot of a casino. Why? Because casinos have a reputation for sinful decadence. Even though we might have honest motives for our actions, we may be misunderstood by others and can become a stumbling block to them. We would stay away from the casino to abstain from the appearance of evil.

We have great liberty in Christ, but let us be careful how we exercise it. People all around us — Christians and unbelievers alike — are watching and listening to our actions and words, and they are making judgment calls on our character. They are using our example to determine the course of their own conduct. May we take whatever precautions are necessary neither to be a stumbling block to them, nor to sacrifice another’s spirituality on the altar of our rights.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.