There are probably as many definitions of “wealth” as there are people. Some would define wealth as the ability to support themselves for the rest of their lives without having to work. Others would measure wealth in relation to their current financial status and that of their peers. Few people would actually consider themselves wealthy. A survey of high-net-worth investors by Fidelity Investments proved this to be true. The survey included 1,000 households which had a minimum of $1 million in cash and investments, excluding retirement accounts and real estate. Among those surveyed, the average net worth was $3.5 million. 42% of these millionaires said they didn’t feel wealthy. When asked how much it would take for them to feel wealthy, the average response was $7.5 million. Obviously, regardless of how we define “wealth,” we will never have enough to be satisfied.

Satisfaction cannot be found in a bank statement, but it may be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. If anyone knew what wealth was, He did. He left the beautiful courts of Heaven to dwell among sinners like you and me. He had all power at His command. He could have anything He desired. He could do anything He desired. But Jesus’ magnificence did not eclipse His modesty. In human flesh, He never possessed much more than the clothes He wore (He lost these at His death). He had none of the things we associate with wealth. In fact, He was impoverished. Nevertheless, by faith in this poor man’s sacrificial death and resurrection, we have eternal life and the promise of Heaven’s riches. Knowing Him brings real satisfaction.

The $7.5 million-dollar question nags all of us: how much would it take for us to feel wealthy? If we measure our wealth by the number of our friends, sports trophies, academic honors, vehicles, or homes, the money in our retirement accounts, or our stock market investments, then the answer is, just a little more. But if our perception of wealth is based upon our relationship with Jesus Christ, then the answer is one — He is everything we need. Have you answered the question yet?

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.