2013 VIGDM-Spring-Jim RendeOnly one person cared enough to share the gospel with Jim before he trusted Christ as his Savior. When he realized Heaven is a gift, it changed his life forever. Now he can’t tell enough people about Jesus.

Before serving as a phone operator for Victory In Grace, Jim Rende was involved with teaching, and he ran his own business. As he grew older, his schedule changed, freeing up more of his time. When the need arose for phone operators at VIG, Jim seized it and immediately knew he was doing God’s will. From the very beginning, Jim saw a great harvest of souls.

Jim’s experience in the phone ministry at VIG has enabled him to win souls to Christ, to encourage other believers, and to build a relationship between VIG and the people who call the ministry. With each call Jim answers, he makes a concerted effort to show the person he really cares about them. He explains, “People have to know that they’re loved and that God loves them…. I want people to go to Heaven; but even more than that, I don’t want them to go to Hell.” With the Holy Spirit’s help, Jim has kept many from the flames over the five years he has served at VIG, and he rejoices at the prospect of being with new believers in Heaven. Nevertheless, his heart is burdened for those who have yet to hear the good news of Christ.

For Jim Rende, every day is another day to win souls. How about you? Will anyone be in Heaven because of you?