Today’s Scripture: Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died. John 11:21

Martha, confused why this was happening to her brother, stared at Lazarus taking his final breaths. Every few seconds, Martha peered out of the window, wondering when Jesus would approach. She had sent for Jesus days ago, and He still hadn’t arrived. Surely, Jesus would come before His friend would die.

Anxious to rush Jesus into the house, she kept a constant watch for the arrival of the Savior. When she was peering out the window, she heard Mary, her sister, scream in terror. Lazarus was dead.

Martha had believed that Jesus would heal her brother, and now it was too late. Anger began to build in her heart. Why would God allow this to happen?

Her anger brewed in her heart for four days. She was hopeless and mad at God. Just when it couldn’t get any worse, Jesus walked into sight. Martha ran as fast as her feet could possibly carry her. When she reached Him, she rudely said to Him, “If you were here, my brother would not be dead!”

Jesus, however, had a different plan. This plan would grow the faith of Martha and others. Also, it would give God even more glory than if Jesus had just healed Lazarus. Jesus, shortly after that conversation with Martha, raised Lazarus from the dead!

How often are we guilty of being mad at God because our prayers weren’t answered the way we wanted them to be? If we ever find ourselves questioning God’s plan, remember, His ways are not our ways. Praise God for that! If His ways were our ways, we would never experience the benefits of seeing God unfold a plan far beyond what we can see.

You may be questioning God now, or maybe you are even mad at God. Confess that to Him and determine to trust Him. You may find out, just like if Jesus had healed Lazarus, that if your prayer was answered your way, you would miss out on a blessing far greater.


Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.