Rose from Covington, Louisiana, has found more than just encouraging daily devotions. In fact, she now possesses a truth which will impact her life far more than anything else.

Not long ago, Rose called Victory In Grace to request a specific daily devotional pamphlet. After watching our show, she thought we had offered it. To her disappointment, it was not part of our offer.

But our operator, Nate, informed her of something even more important she could receive — a free offer that would leave her forever satisfied. Nate shared the clear gospel with Rose.

For the first time, she fully understood the plan of salvation. Realizing it was by grace alone through faith alone, she accepted the free offer of eternal life and trusted Christ.

Now Rose has more than a devotional pamphlet to encourage and guide her. She has new life in the only One Who can leave her forever satisfied — Jesus Christ.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba