When I received the news about my dad’s heart condition, I knew he was not going to be able to head up the mission trips. It saddened my heart because I also knew how much he had been looking forward to traveling to the Philippines, India, and Thailand.

Although the stent is helping, Dad still needs your prayers. Please pray the Lord would continue to grant him strength and encouragement to accomplish His will.

My dad has gone through several physical difficulties over the years. Yet he has remained faithful and active in his service to the Lord. Throughout his life, one major aspect of ministry Dad has emphasized is flexibility. He has always told me it is a vital component in serving the Lord.

Just as I received an unexpected call to direct the mission trips in Dad’s place, so you will be faced with unexpected ministry opportunities. The key is in your response. Will you be flexibility-filled when the opportunity comes? Purpose today to be flexible in your service to the King.

Article by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.