A man called me and asked a strange question. He said, “A preacher told me he was so loyal to his pastor that even if the man got off on a doctrinal error, he would stay loyal to him. What do you think?”

I told him right off, “That is wrong. You don’t stay loyal to anybody who doesn’t stay loyal to the Bible.”

If I ever got up in front of my church, which I founded almost 40 years ago, and started preaching a false message, my people would ask me to leave. That’s because our church wasn’t built on a person but a Book.

There’s a lot of well-meaning people out there who will follow a leader on the basis of his popularity, speaking ability, humor, or his beautiful place of worship. These things aren’t wrong in themselves, but the preacher should put God’s Word first. If he does, he will give everything else up to stand for the truth. If he’s willing to teach falsehood so he can have these other things, then he shouldn’t be followed. The Bible has to be the final authority.

Do you have a Bible teacher or politician you hold in high esteem? Maybe you work for a boss you feel can do nothing wrong, or you enjoy the company of a friend who can always be trusted. How does your loyalty to this person compare with your loyalty to the truth of God’s Word?

People and circumstances may change for better or worse, but the Word of God never changes. Determine you will make it the final authority in your life today.

I am fully assured that God does not, and therefore that men ought not to, require any more of any man than this, to believe the Scripture to be God’s Word, to endeavor to find the true sense of it, and to live according to it. — William Chillingworth

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder