Do you struggle with patience? Do you want to push to be in the front of the line at the grocery store, or count the “over ten” items in the cart in front of you if you are standing in the “Ten Items or Less” line?

Learn to accept the fact that others need to see you live the Christian life so they can observe a difference in your life.

If we don’t allow God to work in our lives to form patience, then people aren’t going to see His reality in us. If we strive with others, we are going to obscure this process. Remember, people will decide whether or not to trust Christ based on your example.

Instead of striving with each other, we need to strive to become patient and conciliatory toward others, even when it is difficult and requires us to go out of our way.

Barlos said this, “To be fierce, cruel, and outrageous better fits the dog than the shepherd.” This doesn’t mean that the shepherd doesn’t have to be strong with his sheep when they won’t obey him. But the shepherd should have a spirit of gentleness about him as he leads the sheep. When you have a spirit of gentleness, you are showing Christ to others.

Let us strive . . . not with friends or family members . . . but to be patient!

Life is too short to remember slights and insults. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder