The next time you think the world owes you something, consider this: You are one person among seven billion. If you compared the portion you feel you rightly deserve on Earth to the vastness of the observable universe, you would be even more astounded.

If the sun were hollow, you could fit one million Earth-sized planets inside and still have room for more. Yet the sun itself is merely a speck compared to other stars which have been measured. As we consider the wonders of the universe, it soon becomes evident the earth is miniscule in comparison. This comparison gives us an accurate, if humbling, understanding of who we are before our infinite God.

But instead of comparing ourselves with what is superior to us, we settle for comparisons with one another. From this plane, pride takes over and we get involved in disputes and quarrels. We adopt the attitude that others owe us something when in reality, we are debtors to God. What we need to do is reevaluate ourselves in light of our Creator. When we consider His greatness, grandness, and majesty, we will bow in humility before Him.

Maybe you’re disappointed because God hasn’t answered your prayers in the manner you expected. You feel like He owes it to you because you’ve been faithful to Him—after all, everyone else seems to get what they ask for. Beware of comparing yourself with people. You’ll never be happy when you do. Instead, humble yourself before the majesty of God, and you will learn to be grateful for every blessing He sends your way.

Number one, God brought me here. . . . Number two, He will keep me here. . . . Number three, He will make the trial a blessing. . . . Number four, in His good time He can bring me out again. — Andrew Murray

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.