Before you join the millions of fliers who plan to travel over the Christmas holiday, you might find this information reassuring. Over the course of your flight, the pilot will be in constant communication with the control tower on the ground. He won’t be “winging it” alone. Then once he climbs 18,000 feet or higher, he will rely exclusively upon the radio supervision of air traffic controllers for guidance.

At 18,000 feet, you would think the pilot has a better vantage point than anyone else, but he knows he is foolish to trust his own judgment at that altitude. There may be planes outside his line of sight, visible only to air traffic radar. If the pilot wants to be successful in his mission, he must keep his radio on.

If a Christian wants to be successful in his mission as a representative for Christ, he must keep his “radio” on. That is, he must allow himself to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. It’s easy for Christians to tune the Spirit out because they want to take control of their own lives or allow other influences to suppress His work within them. They do this to their peril. Failure to heed the Spirit’s warnings can lead to disaster.

Are you in a position where you can receive instruction from your Controller? Dig into the Word of God. Pray that as you study God will impart His truth through the Holy Spirit. Determine to obey the truth at all costs, and confess the sins truth reveals. If you stay tuned to the Holy Spirit, you’ll have a smooth flight.

The Holy Spirit of grace desires to disturb your sleep. Blessed are you if you awaken. — Lars Linderot

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.