Christian immigrants to the United States often see what precious sparks of spiritual passion they have snuffed out by the stifling pursuit of the American Dream. When people of God lose their first love, God sometimes uses circumstances of epic proportions to bring them back to their senses. Such was the experience of Sujo John, a Christian immigrant from Calcutta, India.

With only $50 in his wallet, Sujo and his wife, Mary, moved to the United States in early 2001 seeking prosperity and adventure. In just a few weeks, both found jobs at the World Trade Center in New York City. Mary worked on the 71st floor of the South Tower, and Sujo worked on the 81st floor of the North Tower. On the brink of attaining success, however, Sujo wondered, “God, what is Your purpose in having me move to America? Is it all about the success and fame that I can find in this country? Or is there something more?”

On September 11, 2001, God made Sujo’s purpose very clear. Moments after emailing a friend about his desire to be used by God, the first hijacked plane struck near his office area. As flames engulfed the room, everyone rushed to the stairs. When Sujo reached the mall plaza, surrounded by 15 to 20 other people, he had a sudden surge of boldness to speak up for Jesus. He asked the others to call upon the Lord — and to his surprise, they did. 20 minutes later, Sujo was the only person on the floor who had survived.

After Sujo was rescued and reunited with his wife, he prayed, “God, I am done chasing things that have been on my heart. I have been chasing success, fame, [and] financial security, but from now on I want to be chasing that which is in Your heart.”

Will it take another event like 9/11 to salvage your desire for the things of God? I challenge you to renew your commitment to your Savior while there is yet time. Don’t settle for second-rate spirituality. Serve Him to the fullest today.

No one who really wants to count for God can afford to play at Christianity. — H.A. Ironside

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.