It’s getting chilly. I have a fireplace at home and lately, it’s seen frequent use. I think of it as a cheap way to warm up the house without having to pay the natural gas company.

One of the important things I’ve noticed about maintaining a fire is the need to stoke the flames. Otherwise, the fire will die out. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the fire, so this doesn’t happen.

I believe the same approach is necessary to keep our spiritual flame glowing. Every now and then, we need to be stoked with God’s Word. We need to read about and learn from others’ mistakes in Scripture. We need to see ourselves as we really are before God. In short, we need to be stoked up and stirred up.

When we start getting comfortable with our spiritual progress, our flame is getting weak. It cannot long survive off the heat of hot embers. As God did with the church of Laodicea, He will reveal our sins and stir us to repent, or change our minds. But as soon as we agree with what God says about ourselves, our spiritual flame is rekindled.

Are you getting spiritually cold? Check your flames with the Word of God. Diligently measure your thoughts, actions, and longings against its unchanging truth. Then be honest with yourself when the Word shows you your faults. Confess them to God, and your spiritual flame will burn with new life.

There is a medicine in the Bible for every sin-sick soul, but every soul does not need the same medicine. — R.A. Torrey

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.