Why did God use the shepherds on that first Christmas? Hudson Taylor once said, “God chose me because I was weak enough.” When we think of the smelly, unkempt shepherds who made sheep their business, we shudder to think God hand-picked them for this special purpose. Shepherds wouldn’t be my first choice to witness the birth of a future President, much less the birth of the King of the Universe. They spent their lives caring for ignorant sheep. They were social outcasts. Yet to such was given the privilege of seeing the newborn Lamb of God. God chose them because they were weak enough.

When we compare ourselves with more-gifted individuals, it’s easy to become frustrated and think God won’t use us because He’s too busy with them. If we compare ourselves with people, we’ll always end up disappointed. Rather we must weigh ourselves against God to gain a proper view of ourselves, and a proper view of life. Such a comparison forces us to bow in humility, broken before Him. At this point, we’re weak enough for His service.
Maybe God has used you as a ministry phone operator because it’s hard for you to witness in person. Or He’s blessed you with a job specific to your talents. Determine to allow Him to use you wherever you are, and you’ll be surprised at the opportunities He sends your way.

We may easily be too big for God to use, but never too small. — D.L. Moody

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.