Mrs. Winthrop stared out her frosted window. The recent death of her husband John made this the loneliest Christmas she ever had. After hours of gazing at the winter sky, she heard a knock at the door. To her surprise, little Allison from next-door stood on her front step.

“I thought you might be lonely since you don’t have Mr. Winthrop anymore, so I wanted to spend Christmas with you,” said Allison with a warm smile. 

“Why Allison, that’s the most wonderful gift in the world. Thank you!”

“But I don’t have any gifts I can give.”

“You are the gift,” said Mrs. Winthrop with tears welling in her eyes, “the greatest gift that anyone could have given me today.”

How often do we give of ourselves as Allison did?  In our Scripture passage, we are told of the birth of Christ, the greatest Gift ever given. He came to Earth to be born in a humble manger, die on a cruel cross, and take upon Himself all the sins of man so that through Him we may have eternal life. The sinless Lamb of God gave Himself.

Have you considered His gift?  It is a precious gift that we need to share with others. Just as Allison gave of herself, we as Christians should give of the love we have in Christ and impart to someone else the greatest Gift of all.

To perceive Christmas through its wrappings becomes more difficult with every year. – E.B. White

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder