After getting lost in the jungle, a little dachshund discovered he was being stalked by a leopard. The dachshund had to think fast. Looking around, he spotted an animal’s carcass and started gnawing on one of the bones. Before the leopard could pounce, he said, “Ah, that was the tastiest leopard I have ever eaten.”

The dachshund’s words made the leopard so fearful he ran away. But a certain monkey saw how the little dog had deceived the great jungle cat. Considering this an opportunity to profit from the leopard’s protection, he told the leopard what the dog had done to him. This made the leopard furious. With the monkey on his back, he raced back to the dachshund and prepared to make a meal of him.

Without even flinching, the dachshund said, “Monkey, how nice of you to bring me another leopard! Why did it take you so long?” The little dog escaped the mouth of the leopard once again.

Every individual who has put his faith in Jesus Christ has been delivered from the mouth of a lion, the devil. We did not escape on account of our ingenuity or our ability to deceive the enemy, but we were spared because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Yet many Christians who have been delivered from the tyranny of Satan’s oppression return to their former sins. Some flirt with danger by seeing how close they can come to the ugly lion’s cage. Others stay away from the lion’s cage on Sundays, only to play inside it during the week. These things ought not to be so.

What can we do to avoid returning to the debilitating sins from which we have been delivered? We need to establish personal boundaries. No one knows us better than we do. If we see a tempting situation, then these boundaries will keep us from compromising.

Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? Think about some boundaries you can set up for yourself, and implement them today.

He that will play with Satan’s bait will quickly be taken with Satan’s hook. — Thomas Brooks

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.