What is the main sin that entangles us as we race toward the finish line of the Christian life? It is the sin of no discipline. How easily this sin enters our lives, and yet we all know that there has yet to be a world champion who didn’t have self-discipline.

The Christian life doesn’t just happen; it comes as the fruit of self-discipline along with God’s graces.

Pastor Dennis Marquardt said this,

Too much of the time we wait around for something spiritual to happen to our lives. We should be preparing always for those spiritual things to take place in our lives. A runner does not wait for the goal line to come to him, he goes to it!

Good runners never look around them while they are running; this distracts them and causes them to lose their own pacing! Too often Christians do this today . . . we make decisions to drop out of this or that church or this or that ministry, based on someone else we are looking at. This is wrong. Christ is the “Author” (starting point) and “Finisher” (goal line) of our faith, not people! People can be examples, but not our focus.

And remember, running the race in spiritual terms is not to try and be first, but rather to be faithful and finish. I encourage you to be faithful and finish today.

Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost. — Helen Keller

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder