When I watch the Olympics, it has always amazed me how some of these people have spent their entire childhood preparing for a single event that, in some cases, is over within a few minutes. The amount of training and sacrifice is enormous . . . all for a single goal. I wrote in my book, Beyond Failure, that I thought dodgeball should be included in the Olympic Games because that was the one sport I was good at. But since that will probably never happen, I will continue striving for my Well Done Degree.

Since we are working toward an eternal reward, are we as willing to make the appropriate sacrifices and practice the necessary discipline? We have a more important prize than mere gold, and more important recognition than just that of this world. 

To get the gold, you must have self-discipline. This is actually one of the keys to the Christian life. And the only way to have self-discipline is to lay ourselves daily on God’s altar and offer ourselves up to His service. Imagine walking up to an altar. As you approached it, you looked down and saw that your legs were bound with heavy chains. Your wrists were handcuffed. As you tried to get on top of the altar, you found that the chains and your handcuffs prevented you from doing so. Those chains are sin. Before you can lay yourself on the altar, you need to confess your sin to God. He will help you break the chains.

Then you can be a willing sacrifice—ready to do what God wants you to do.

Better to try something and fail then to try nothing and succeed. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder