If life has taught me anything, it’s this: most people go through the same things over and over again. Remember the illustration I wrote about yesterday? Humankind wishes to cover the snake instead of getting out of the cage. The first way to stop the cycle of sin is to get out of the cage.

How do you break this vicious cycle? How do you keep sin from ruining your life? How do you get out of the cage? The first event in the cycle is when you do something wrong. You may or may not notice the snake is even in the cage. This is the reason for our need for deliverance. Sin is rebellion against God. When we sin, it undermines our peace, joy, confidence, and our effective witness for Christ.

A man named Sauer said,

When we sin . . . are we remorseful? When we sin . . . do we even care? You know what the biggest problem is in this world? Many of us have made a contract or a covenant with sin. It’s like we’ve made an agreement with ourselves and the devil: “I can have my secret little sins.” But the bottom line is that if Jesus Christ lives within us . . . that contract must be broken!

We are not to enjoy our secret sins . . . for our secret sins are our enemies! They get between us and the abundant life that Christ has to offer us. Do you need to take a moment right now to tell God you are sorry for the sin you commit? Our verse from yesterday said He is ready to forgive. Ask Him now.

Take heed of little sins. – John Bunyan

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder