Filled with colorful idols and ancient pagan religions, India is shrouded in darkness. Bible-believing churches are almost unheard of in most areas and people are considered wealthy if they own a TV, computer, or car. Though many of the Christian resources we have at our fingertips are out of their reach, these people still need to hear the clear gospel message of grace.

For this reason, Dr. Ron Seecharan founded a place where young men can learn more about God’s Word — Solid Rock Theological Seminary. There they are taught how to spread the clear gospel, and are trained how to begin their own ministries in India. Victory In Grace supports this ministry because we, too, have a fervent desire to see souls saved from the burning flames of Hell.

Each year, we go on a missions trip near Solid Rock Theological Seminary. This year our trip will be from March 4th — 16th. We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we visit the seminary and pass out hundreds of Wordless Kids tracts to children in the surrounding areas. Our desire is to not only spread the gospel light to the children, but to also to show our support for the remarkable work the seminary is accomplishing there.

With your financial contributions, we can continue to not only spread the clear gospel here, but also further the light of the gospel in India. We need your help in continuing to aid Solid Rock Seminary.

Donations this past January were far below last year’s numbers. This chart depicts the difference between the donations for this January compared to those of last January.

Please be a light by donating today. Help us support the message of grace both here and abroad.
Desiring all to come to the knowledge of the Truth,

 Dr. James A. Scudder