Do you ever wonder how to find balance in the Christian life? Often it feels as though we are inching along on a tight rope of man’s opinions when, in reality, we can run the race God has for us on the firm ground of His Word.

It is all about living in light of God’s grace. A correct view of God’s grace leads us to be so thankful for salvation from eternal Hell that we want to live a life of thanks for our Savior. It is a matter of gratitude, not guilt. Because of what Christ did on the cross, we have a gospel message to share with no strings attached. It’s not about anything we can do to save ourselves, rather it is by completely relying on God’s grace. He alone can save us and help us live the Christian life after we have placed our trust in Him. Without waking up each morning in the light of God’s miraculous grace, we as believers become overwhelmed, discouraged, and powerless; but because of what we know about God’s grace, we can enjoy each day no matter what life brings.

Maybe you have been struggling beneath the weight of man-made standards the Lord does not want you to bear. Perhaps you are searching for balance in your life or are unsure how to win someone to Christ or counsel a new believer. Friend, we invite you to visit this year’s leadership conference, entitled, “Grace Brings Balance.” Not only will you leave uplifted and refreshed, but you may also gain a life-changing perspective.

Grateful to share God’s grace,

Dr. James A. Scudder