Today’s Scripture: Let all your things be done with charity. 1 Corinthians 16:14

There is one overarching tip that must be applied if we are to have success in our spiritual lives. We must do everything in love. If we are not loving, we can be so solid and strong that we become rigid. Love is what balances strength, commitment, and dedication. If we are not loving, we will come across as domineering. Everything has to be done with “agape”-love that only God can give.

As we saw earlier in 1¬†Corinthians, we are nothing without love. If we have all spiritual gifts, all faith, all knowledge, understand all mysteries, we give all we have to the poor, but we don’t have love, we are nothing. (1¬†Corinthians¬†13:1-3)

Without love, the other steps don’t work. All of our service is dependent upon our love for God and for others. If people see that we don’t really care for them, why would they want to listen to us? Why would they listen to us when we tell them about the Savior? If they cannot see a difference in our lives, why would they need what we have?

We need love in order for them to see that we care. Those that just condemn everyone for the sins they have committed cause a backlash of anger against them. We need to stand up for what is right, but we also need to do it the right way.

Can you follow these five tips for success? These are simple things. If we are watchful, solid, mature, and strong, and we balance them out by being loving, we are going to be amazed at the success that God is going to bring from us and to us if we follow him.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.