I’m no physicist, but I did learn enough about the laws of motion to make an important observation: you can’t step from a dock into an unsecured boat without falling into the water. I don’t know how many times I have seen people try this, but it always produces the same result. The person never falls into the boat or back onto the dock, but always falls into the water. Each time I see it happen, it’s hard to suppress my laughter — until it happens to me.

This same problem is experienced by Christians who try to please others rather than God. They attempt to stand with one foot on the dock — the side of those casual, carnal Christians who love the world and want to impress it, while the other foot is in the boat — God’s side. The problem is the boat is moving; the dock isn’t. God is actively performing His will through those individuals on His side who are sold out for Him. Those on the dock are too busy making a name for themselves to go anywhere at all. They are interested only in the pursuit of popular, and often ungodly, fads which have neither spiritual nor eternal significance.

The person whose allegiance is divided between God and man will soon find himself with nothing to stand on. He will do the splits and fall into the water because he never really stood — he just fell when one side wouldn’t hold him any longer.

It is not difficult to discern between Christians who are dedicated to Christ and those who are not. Which type of Christian do you want to be? Either get in the boat, or stay on the dock. You can’t stand in the middle.

You will not stroll into Christlikeness with your hands in your pockets, shoving the door open with a careless shoulder. This is no hobby for one’s leisure moments, taken up at intervals when we have nothing much to do, and put down and forgotten when our life grows full and interesting. It takes all one’s strength, and all one’s heart, and all one’s mind, and all one’s soul. . . . — A.J. Gossip

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.