Have you ever been “positive” you were heading in the right direction, only to find out you were positively lost? Sometimes when I am driving with Dad, he will ask me if I’m sure I know how to reach a certain destination. I usually answer by saying I am positive I know how to get there. Regardless of how close the place is, we never seem to arrive there until much later than expected. I suspect my skills at navigation might have something to do with this.

When Abraham followed God, he was positive he was heading in the right direction, even though he had no idea where he was going. That’s because he was walking by faith and not by sight. To walk by faith is not to take a blind leap in the dark, but to trust God to lead you down a path you have never taken before.

From the time Abraham left his homeland in Ur of the Chaldees until the time he came within inches of slaying his only son as a sacrifice in obedience to God on Mt. Moriah, he had to entrust his well-being, his reputation, and his aspirations to the perfect wisdom of God. He lived by faith, his own shortcomings and weaknesses notwithstanding. Faith in God strengthened him to press ahead through the difficulties of his journey. And it persuaded him that the path he traveled was the right one.

Every day we are given opportunities to trust God. All things — great and small — require the exercise of faith. Put faith to practice as you plan your daily schedule. Trust in God’s guidance as you wait for a mate. Stand firmly upon the promise of His presence as you walk through the dark valleys of life. Don’t try to figure out where you are going. Just follow Him. He will let you know that you are heading in the right direction.

Faith is . . . a lively and steadfast trust in the favor of God, wherewith we commit ourselves altogether unto God. And that trust is so surely grounded and sticks so fast in our hearts, that a man would not once doubt of it, although he should die a thousand times thereof. — William Tyndale

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.