Everything Job had was gone. In a matter of days, he went from being one of the richest men in town to becoming a poverty-stricken peasant. In a sudden flash of light, a fire consumed his 7,000 sheep. Then his enemies stole 3,000 camels, 1,000 oxen, and 500 mules and killed most of his servants. As if that wasn’t enough tragedy for the day, Job learned his oldest son’s house collapsed, killing Job’s seven sons and three daughters.

It seemed things couldn’t get any worse, but they did. Job suddenly broke out with painful boils, which covered him from head to toe. On top of his pain and heartache, Job’s own wife told him to curse God and die. No doubt his faith was shaken. But even in the midst of his incredible losses, Job didn’t lose hope. He chose to trust in God.

There’s not a mom, dad, uncle, or aunt who hasn’t been let down sometime in their life. Life is full of disappointment. It comes when people fail us or circumstances take an unexpected turn for the worst. But when we’re threatened with feelings of insignificance and despair, we can either embrace hope or erase it from our minds. Our decision depends upon the source of our hope. Is your hope based on yourself, your circumstances, or your Savior?

I’m going to rest my hope in Jesus. People and my circumstances may disappoint me, but I’ve never been disappointed in God. Won’t you embrace hope today?

Our hope is not hung upon . . . an untwisted thread . . . but the cable, the strong tow of our fastened anchor, is the oath and promise of Him who is eternal verity. — Samuel Rutherford

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder