Once a psychologist offered a 14-day treatment guaranteed to cure any ailment. A lonely woman came to him and said, “I’m depressed all the time. What should I do about it?”

The psychologist told her, “Do something good for someone for 14 days in a row.”

“Are you kidding? Why should I do anything good for anybody?”

“Well, Ma’am, in your case, your treatment would probably take 100 years.”

Did you know the doctor was using a Christian formula? That’s the truth. Of course, our kindness toward others should be motivated by Christ’s love for us, rather than the good feelings it gives us. But there’s no better way to cure yourself of depression than to start helping other people. Jesus went so far as to say obeying His commandment to love others would bring us joy.

When we show love to others, we forget about our little problems and conflicts. The joy of obeying Christ overshadows these smaller concerns because it helps us see them from God’s perspective.

Maybe a friend has taken advantage of you in the past, and you don’t trust him. You might have relatives or children who have turned against you. Or an unsaved neighbor aggravates you with his profanity. Friend, Jesus didn’t command you to trust these people. He commanded you to love them. When you obey, a shot of His joy will flow freely through your veins.

God’s love is unconditional. Be sure that yours is too! — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder