Sometimes I wonder how we could survive without the modern electrical appliances we take for granted. 200 years ago, we didn’t have washing machines, dryers, irons, refrigerators, or microwaves. We couldn’t rely upon clock radios to stir us from our sleep. Isn’t electricity a wonderful thing?

Properly used, electricity can be one of the most beneficial resources to mankind. But when the power of electricity has been abused or undervalued, fires and electrocution have led to property damage, injuries, and deaths. Don’t mess with electricity.

We are wise to have a healthy fear of electricity, but how much more should we fear our all-powerful God? Though we can love Him like a father, kneel before Him like a child, and call Him our Friend, we must serve Him with fear. Charles Spurgeon said, “We should serve God in the spirit of holy carefulness. We ought to fear lest we offend the Lord, even while we are serving Him . . . He is a jealous God and must be served with holy carefulness. . . . If our worship and service are mingled with hypocrisy and pride, He will not endure them. Our God is a consuming fire.”

Don’t mess with God. Do you think He tolerates your bitter spirit, your pride, or the lust in your heart? Not for a moment. Oh dear Christian, search your heart, lest your sacrifice should be rejected and you grieve the Lord. You don’t want to experience the shocking reality of God’s judgment.

Now, a soft, a tender, and broken heart is a fit place for the grace of fear to thrive in. — John Bunyan

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.