Does worrying really accomplish anything?

After months of campaigns and debates between the presidential candidates, it was time for the American people to choose who was going to be their next President.

Incumbent President Harry Truman represented the weak Democratic Party. The Republicans were led by New York Senator Thomas Dewey, who was expected to win the election. A third party, the Dixiecrats, was led by Strom Thurmond.

On election night, with the odds against him, Harry Truman was asked, “Are you worried about the election?”

Truman said, “I have no worries at all,” and he went to sleep. His advisors woke him up a short time later and told him he had been elected President. He didn’t need to worry after all.

Satan attacks us with the pressures of life to keep us from having peace. He uses fear, worry, and discouragement to accomplish his goal. But if our trust is in Christ, we don’t have to worry about anything.

You may have a job interview, a date, or a doctor’s appointment today. Or you could be preparing for an office meeting or getting ready to move. Put your life in God’s hands. There’s no use worrying when we have a God Who can do something about our concerns. Roll the matter upon His broad shoulders today.

Pray and let God worry. — Martin Luther

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder