This year my wife, Karen, and I have the privilege of heading up our annual trip to the Holy Land. From the Dead Sea to the Wailing Wall, we will enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Israel as a group of believers. But why do we go to Israel? Is it just for a scenic vacation, souvenirs, and great pictures?

Although the scenery and sites we visit are a plus, the spiritual benefits we receive from the trip are far greater. It is an experience no camera can capture — a priceless change of perspective.

Personally, what I believe makes this journey so worthwhile is the deepening of our love for the Scriptures. With each step through the Holy Land, we gain a better understanding of Who our Lord is and what He went through for us while on Earth. We also gain the ability to put a visual with the places of Jesus’ ministry.

Visiting the land where the Scriptures were written refreshes my spirit and draws me closer to my Savior.

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